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Best Sports Betting Site in India | Cricket Betting Site in India

Best Sports Betting Site in India | Cricket Betting Site in India 19

Introduction to Sports Betting

Sports Betting is a growing industry and it is basically a game of chance. sports betting is a favorite past time of everyone nowadays. It is illegal in India but placing a bet is not illegal. People know everything about sports betting but after knowing they place a bet on sports.

There are lots of betting sites are available for sports betting but every bettor needs the best sports betting site. Narayantips is the first site that provides you with information about the sports betting site after doing lots of research. In the modern times of gambling, life is cruising by leaps and bounds one can surely not afford to play blind on cards and dices. With the increase of technology and fast-changing in time and the ease of betting, we have also turned offline betting to online betting and now you can have multiple options of sports betting.

Why choose Sports Betting ??

Well, Every sports betting catches your attention has your heart connected to it. You can particularly bet on everything that is likely to have uncertain results but when we talk of sports there is one thing that is certain that the entire concept of the sport is uncertain. Betting is usually for the purpose of entertainment and the final results gambled upon. Moreover sports bets are quick money and what better than the sites like- Narayntips. I think now clearly understand why to choose sports betting. now move to next If you are looking to earn more money then you need the best online sports betting site so here we provide you a list of the best online betting sites in India. Take a look below.

Best Sports Betting Site in India 

  • Livebid – Best betting Site
  • Betchips-best betting bonuses
  • Sportsbettingkey  accept Indian customers
  • Onlinebettingsiteinindia – complete solution of betting
  • Livebidasia- Accpet all users.

Livebid is the best online betting site in India that provides you best betting bonuses.

There are lots of games are available to place a bet online so it's better First, you clear your mind on which you want to place a bet on which sports betting. then must know the rules of the game properly and the most important thing Do not play with your money. Betting on any sports without actually even knowing the terms and conditions and the strengths and weaknesses and obviously the track record of the teams in concern. Also, there are many online betting sites is available but not all betting sites are accurate and reliable. The user always looks for the best online betting site, especially in India. India is one of the biggest countries where betting is like a festival.Livebid online sports betting sites because when you are choosing the perfect betting website for your needs, there are multiple things that you are looking and you evaluate all options and when you are not satisfied you can continue doing research. Livebid always helps their customer and What to Look for When Choosing a Bookmaker As you might already know, There are certain aspects to look for in an online betting site that prove the quality of the website.
Narayantips always suggest you best don't take it for granted, not if you don’t want to put your money in danger. Therefore, here are the important things we strongly recommend you look into before you sign up on an online sportsbook:
Try and take help from us if you don't like it and if you don't understand.


Betchips is the best betting platform. This is a sports betting site that is also available in application and website. is a sports betting site that is also available in application and website. you one can use INR to put their bets. there are various payment gateway is available on bet chips like Paytm, imps, google pay, bank transfer. betchips is powered by Betfair. cricket, football, and tennis are the most interesting sports game to bet so bet chips mainly focused on sports like cricket, football, and tennis, In many of the other sites the withdrawal time is a long one like around more than 24 hours but in BetChips the withdrawal time is approximately 2-3 hour last. Betchips offer the best bonuses also. and welcome bonuses also. As compared to other platforms the winning commission in is comparatively low like around 2% whereas on other platforms it may rise above 5%.

User can easily signup on Betchips and easily understand the process. No, the complicated process is there. betchips Follow a very simple process i.e. one deposit money, plays the bet, wins and withdraws his amount. is one of the genuine and trustworthy and secure sports betting sites in India. It is also included in one of those sites which use real cash. One of the biggest advantages of is that it doesn't need to provide or complete the KYC which is a very lengthy process and time-consuming process. because most of the time when you need to complete the KYC, accounts of Indian origin are not accepted.because betting is not legal in ind9a and sometimes account is banned. it allowing the facility to user to carrying out all processes of deposits and withdrawals with a minimum bet of 500 INR.

If the matter of legalization comes then, we see that sports betting is not legal in India so no betting sites used the bank to transfer money. Betchips is specially designed for the Indian bettors in India with all real-time odds. With smooth ways of transactions, it accepts payment through any kind of payment wallet or bank. There exist various online sites but none of these traditional sites provides what is provided by

Top  Sports Betting Sites in India

  •   Livebid:-Betting site that accepts Indian users.



  • Sports betting key:- Online betting site in India for Indians



How to Begin Online Sports Betting in India??

  • Register at a Bookmaker
  • Choose a payment gateway
  •  Place a bet
  • Withdraw money(If you win)

Register a Free Betting Account 

The first step is you need to create a betting account on a bookmaker that you select and fill your details and register yourself .if you creating your account create an only free account on any online betting site. After register successfully login into your account.

if you don't know where to login then signup on

Livebid only requires an email address, password, phone number, address, and other details. This is the best secure online betting site.

After login successfully checks out what they can offer you on their site. Read all terms and condition and check site have all payment gateway or not??

If you found anything useless then log out instantly.

| Now move to the next step:-

Deposit Money to Online Betting Sites

After login successfully simply deposit money to the online betting site to the cashier window. fill money that how much you can lose on betting it is not necessary ou will definitely lose money sometimes you can earn more than you invest. Enter amounts and choose your payment gateway which is suitable for you. we cannot guarantee of all betting site but at livebid you find all payment gateway and we will guarantee that all are secure. once the transaction is processed after you can place bet easily on any sports game.

Don't choose nay bank methods because your account will be banned if you doing transactions with the bank. We will only suggest you use e-wallets because this is saved and secure.

If you are looking for other options we recommend you, we would recommend popular e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill.

Place a sport Bet.

When money is successfully added to your account then choose the sports game which you like most and you have some knowledge about that. At there are lots of sports game are available to place bet .and for more navigate to the sports section, then find which category which you are looking to bet on. After choosing click on the place button, the money will be deducted to your account after then waiting for the results.

Withdraw Money from a Betting Site

If you finally win your bet then withdraw your money but you might want to consider following necessary things like

  • Withdraw using the same method that you deposited money with
  • A warning message will be displayed that "it might take some time to get your money from the betting site you played at, especially the first time you withdraw."

Introduction to Cricket betting

"Cricket is one of the most popular sports game in India which is celebrating like a festival"

Cricket was first played in the year 1721. now at this it all people are aware of cricket and many people loved cricket and waiting for matches so they can place a bet .

Cricket betting is only game which is mostly played in India due to this some of the platforms are available to provide add more entrainment on cricket so there are many websites are available that provide you to place a bet. 

we cannot assume that how people are interested in cricket this is only assumed by people who are placing a bet on cricket. as compared to other sports, game cricket is only a popular game all over the world. if you are looking and want to place a bet on cricket,  from here you can enjoy cricket betting . to enjoy and take advantage of cricket betting you can a lookout at our best cricket betting site in India.

Cricket Betting Site in India

  •  Livebid:-Betting site in India
  •  Betchips:- online sports betting site in India

These are the best cricket betting site in India . some for the following features that the best betting sites have, are available in these two sites.

Features of the best cricket betting site are:-

  • Trustworthiness
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Odds and betting selection
  • Banking options
  • Customer support
  • Software
  • We add all these together to give each site a 1-5 five star rating.

Not every site provides the same features but when you choose any website keep this factor in mind. when you visit any site just read reviews and decide which bookmaker is the best for you.

Description of following above key points:-

Trust is everything in betting when you are depositing your funds into someone's account. this is necessary for all businesses.

Ranking Trustworthiness
The first thing we check is license means making sure the betting site has a license. this is one of the most important key points of the betting site. if there is any danger sign is available you won't see a recommendation from us The beautiful part about the information on the Internet means it's very hard to keep any major scams secret.

We will also consider:

Is there an unproportionate amount of complaints filed against the company.
How long have they been operating
Are they partnered with serious organizations
3rd party accreditation
Is it a big operation that has invested in a multitude of gambling options
How do other review sites rate them
How do the people on the inside of the industry talk about them
As in real life: trust is much harder to regain than lose.
Most online betting sites are aware of this and it's actually to maintain a good image.

BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS:- Check that the website provides the best bonuses or not. because Nobody can bet for free well this is actually extra money you get to play with.

ODDS AND BETTING SELECTION:- Most sites cover leagues and matches. Narayantips provide you with the sites we recommend here also cover the smaller leagues and lesser-known events as well.

BANKING OPTIONS:- We know that betting is legal in India and if you do any betting options on your betting website then your account is being blocked.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT:- Check that customer support services are 24x7 available just like Narayantips and many other features are available. Contact us now!

Why register with the best betting site?

Register with the best betting site has its own advantages and disadvantages. Select best betting on the UK market will increase your winning chances. Register yourself to take advantage of the various bookmakers offers like welcome bonuses. According to my, livebid is the best option for you. does not provide you with any fake detail.. our work is to provide the best resources to users and for this our chat support is 24x7 available.this is a platform of online gambling resource ad for more resources you can see our blog section.

Nowadays people are only preferred that sites where all methods are available and data of the user is completely secure.

Note:- Before register at any betting site please read the term and condition first.

Related, if you have any confusion simply drop your WhatsApp number. we always ready to help you.

All the betting companies found high odds and companies which is well-established and regulated from these jurisdictions. We all know that online sports betting is not an approved activity in India and due to this several payment methods like credit cards and debit cards based in India may have difficulty being processed for payments.  This problem for each and everyone where betting is illegal. so to resolve this problem bettors use Paytm and other payment methods.


In this section, our main motive is to provide the best sports betting site in India and the best cricket betting site in India. Hope this is helpful for you.!

Frequently asked question for a betting site in India

Which is the best online betting site in India??

As we already told you livebid is the best betting site in India to place bet.if you are looking for more than simply drop your WhatsApp number to our live chat support.

Write the name of cricket betting site in India?

According to research at narayantips, we only mention livebid for cricket betting sites in India.

What is the best cricket betting site in India?

Livebid is the best cricket betting site in India.

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